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At 达仁 DaRen Biotech, our patented CAR-T immunotherapies kill 80% of cancers.


We leverage the existing immune system to fight cancer and other pathogens through our diversified pipeline of new generation Immunotherapy products.


T Cells

24 hours of T-Cells With Liver Cancer Cells


DR CAR-T Cells

24 hours of DR CAR-T Cells With Liver Cancer Cells

Solid tumours

Solid tumours create a protective barrier of T-reg cells to stop any CAR-T cells from being effective. DaRen has evidence that our DR CAR-T will wipe out the T-regs allowing the DR CAR-T to penetrate the tumour.


Broad targeting

We target a variety of markers on the cancer surface with one CAR-T, making it nearly impossible for the cancer to escape via heterogeneity. This also allows DaRen to Target 80% of all cancers with one CAR-T.

No Toxicity

Our CAR-T specifically targets cancer cells and does not target healthy cells.

At DaRen we utilize natural pathways to achieve harmony within our bodies. Our products leverage our immune system to gently and effectively fight cancer and disease without the use of chemicals or radiation. Our CAR-T products are all inspired by nature, and use native components. 
Embryonic Stem Cells
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