Scientific Advisory Board

Founder and Chariman - Prof. Yong XIE  (Professor Emeritus at HKUST)

Former President of Hong Kong Immunological Society

Inventor of life-saving heart infarction diagnostics kit CFDA approval with Lanzhou Biological Products Institute. 

8 year partnership with top 10 Pharma as Lead Scientist for R+D for new drugs.


PhD in Biochemistry, Cornell University,Supervisor: Prof. Ray Wu. (Inventor of DNA sequencing, Nobel Prize Nominee) 

MS Genetics, Fudan University Supervisor: Prof. Jia Zhen Tan (CAS and NAS member, "father" of Chinese genetics.)

Post-doctoral Fellow, in Prof. Ralph Steinman’s (Nobel Prize Winning) Laboratory at Rockefeller University.

Chief Scientist (SAB Chair) - Prof. Guo Ping ZHAO  (Member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Director of the Expert Committee of Key Laboratory of Synthetic Biology, Director of the Shanghai Key Laboratory of Disease and Health Genome (the National Key Experimental Breeding Base of the Ministry of Education); Director of the National Engineering Research Centre of Bio-chip in Shanghai. Research Chair of Shanghai Institute of Vegetation, Former Director of the National Human Genome Southern Research Center.


Professor and Department Head of Department of Microbiology and Microbiology, School of Life Sciences, Fudan University, Former Professor of Microbiology, School of Medicine, The Chinese University of Hong Kong.


Head of Dept. of Human Immunology, Peking University

Expert in tumour immunotherapy and T-cell signalling research and development. 


Prof. Wang  was involved in the first clinical trial of cancer vaccine in China.


Research Director - Prof. Yuedan WANG

Former Chief Physician and Professor of Huashan Hospital Affiliated to Fudan University. He served successively as the director of the Department of Hematology of Huashan Hospital 

He has been engaged in clinical practice for more than 50 years and is an expert in treating various hematological diseases.


CEO - Sawyer Parlin XIE  

Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Expert with transnational Startup experience.


Founder and CEO of award winning Vernacular Ltd. green architecture consulting. International Projects with Walter B. Melvin, Highview, SLEEEP, Coldwell Banker, City of New York.


Founder and CEO Coffeetheapp. Mobile Team of 10 in New York. Raised US$1m from Angel Investors, Featured in App Store, MSNBC, CNBC, Huffpost, Boston Globe. 

Chief Technology Officer - Dr. WONG Chung Kai

Chen Zi.jpg

Senior Research Scientist with 20 years research experience  in signal transduction, apoptosis and immunology. 


Wong Completed his PhD degree in 2007 under co-supervision of Prof. Xie. After managing research teams within molecular biology, cell biology and Oncology at HKUST, he joined Daren’s team in 2016.

Chief Medical Officer - Dr. Chen Zi

Haematology expert with 80+publications


Leading Physician for 20+ clinical trials in China


Medical Director, and Clinical Director for over 10 trials in China and 10 trials in US from Clinical study to NDA. 


Former Associate Professor at department of Haematology, Fudan University

Dr Yang.jpeg

Chief Clinical Officer- Dr. Rong Bing YANG


Expert in clinical live cell therapy development with Experience as a Leading Physician for 10+ Clinical Trials.


Former Clinical Director for special projects (such as cell therapy) at 3AAA Hospital


Masters in Immunology at Peking University 

Regional Director - Ms. MAO He Ting

Masters degree in Human Immunology Department at Peking University. 


Mao Joined DaRen in 2016 and was a key personnel for DR CAR-T